Grilled eggplant with Italian herbs

So yestarday when I got back home from office, I was wondering what should be my first recipe in my new IFB oven…then I saw shiny eggplant lying on one side of my kitchen table, thought why not try some grilling, so I tried my hands on grilling eggplant with some italian herbs I had @ home it came out really really yummy. So heres my first recipe straight from my very own new oven.


Eggplant – 1
Fresh Corriander / Parsley  – 2 tsp
Black olives – 1/2 cup sliced
Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Red chilly sauce – 2 tsp
Grated Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese – 1/2 cup
Olive oil – 3 tsp
Oregano and chilly flakes – 2 tsp


  1. Slice eggplant as shown above, spread it on a plate and sprinkle salt and leave it for 15mins.
  2. Wash it underflowing water and wipe it with tissue paper.
  3. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
  4. Lightly grease your plate with olive oil.
  5. Arrange all the eggplant slices on the plate and brush each piece with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  6. Grill in the preheated oven on one side for 10minutes.
  7. Remove after 10 mins , gently turn it and garnish with red chilly sauce, sliced black olives cheese , sprinkle oregano and chilly flakes as per taste and fresh corriander or parsley and again grill for 10 minutes.
  8. Bottoms will be a deep brown caramel color. Remove it slowly from the oven.

Serve it as an appetizer

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