Gundar Pak Laddu – Gujarati Winter delicacy

Stay warm this winter with this healthy winter delicacy Gundar Paak. It is a Gujarati delicacy, prepared with Urad daal flour, dry fruits, spices, edible gum, nuts, ghee and jaggery.

Whenever I’m at my mother’s place for a long time I make sure I learn a new recipe from my mom and this time she taught me this !

Its different then our usual laddus because its healthy , crispy and spiced which will leave your mouth with a very fresh taste.




  1. Edible gum – 100grams
  2. Almonds – 50grams
  3. Walnut – 50grams
  4. Seasame seeds – 50grams (optional)
  5. Kaju – 50grams
  6. Dried dates – 100grams
  7. Pumpkin seeds – 100grams
  8. Desicated coconut – 100grams
  9. Chironji / Charori – 50grams
  10. Poppy – 50grams
  11. Dry ginger powder – 10 grams
  12. Peepramul / Ganthoda powder – 25grams
  13. FenugreekĀ  powder – 10grams
  14. Elaichi powder – 50grams
  15. Nutmeg powder – 5grams
  16. Urad Daal powder – 100grams
  17. Wheat flour – 200grams
  18. Soft Jaggery – 300grams
  19. Ghee – 500grams


  1. On a low flame, heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan. Deep-fry few gum crystals at a time, till they puff up. Drain and remove. Repeat for the remaining crystals. Strain the ghee. Keep aside.
  2. Powder the fried gum by pressing hard on it with a steel bowl.
  3. In grinder add all the dry fruits (almonds , kaju, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dried coconut, dried dates) and grind it well. To this mixture add all the spices ( chironji , poppy, ginger powder, peepramul powder, fenugreek powder, elaichi powder & nutmeg powder) and mix well.
  4. In the same pan, add more ghee and add both (wheat + urad daal) floor and mix well. Cook till the flour becomes light (2-3 minutes) now add fenugreek seeds powder
  5. Now add the dry fruit & spices mixture in it and mix well. Let it cool down.
  6. Meanwhile take a pan add 2 tablespoon ghee and jaggery , heat only till all the solid jaggery melts and becomes a smooth liquid.
  7. Turn off the gas and add the jaggery liquid to our mixture and mix well.
  8. Form laddus and store it in an airtight container.



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  1. Megala says:

    Wonderful share! I would love to try this healthy recipe.

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    1. Thanks dear do share pictures

      Liked by 1 person

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