Homemade white butter / Makkhan

I just looooove homemade butter. I prefer to have it with bhakri , pav bhajji, chole bhature etc. I have now stopped buying butter from outside because nothing can match homemade butter.


  1. Malai / Cream
  2. curd
  3. Salt
  4. Ice cold water



Whenever you get milk at home bring it to boil, let it cool down and keep it in the fridge. After 7-8 hours remove the thick malai/cream formed on the top of the milk and freeze the malai/cream.

Collect Malai from full fat milk for about 1 month or till you get atleast 1/2 kg of Malai / Cream.

Once you have collected enough cream get it out of the freezer, bring it to room temperature.

Now add 1 tablespoon of curd followed by 2 cups of ice cold water and mix well.

Now start whipping using a hand blender until the butter starts to separate and float on the top.

Now slowly remove the butter from the top. The remaining  water is actually butter milk, it can be used to make Gujarati kadhi or can be used to knead aata for theplas or simply have it with food.

Add salt as per taste in the butter and mix well.

Store the butter in airtight container


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