Authentic Rajasthani Bajra Bati

I love to read about food history… especially Indian food history.
So recently I came to know that traditionally..Daal Batis are are made very differently than what we get to eat in restaurants.

Baatis are made of Bajra flour and Daal is made out of Toor daal only. Batis are traditionally baked over coals in bhatti and the daal is garnished with spicy red chilli and lasun tadka.

Bajra is gluten free and is extremely healthy option to replace wheat. Also the natural sweetness of Bajra gives a very unique taste to our Batis.

Bati recipe:

Bajra flour , Sooji in 1:1 ratio
Baking powder, salt .
Slowly add milk to knead a dough.
Bake it for 40minutes in oven on 180 degrees approximately.

Pour ghee over it and serve it with Daal.

Happy cooking!

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