Mrs Lucky wife

10th September, 2016 was my first birthday after we got married and my husband actually made it a birthday weekend, it didn’t last for just one day it lasted for a whole weekend. 🙂

12 in the night my husband got me 2 cup cakes from Iyenger with candles on it and my new favorite Cadbury marevelour chocolate bar with jelly poppings!!

Birthday morning, hubby surprised me with this apron and said “apron for my chef”..sweetest thing ever

We had fruits in the morning (trying to eat healthy food now a days) .  we had Chinese and thin crust pizza out side for lunch it was too good.


The pizza was soo good I told my husband that I will make this kind of pizza for him @ home when we buy an oven (unaware that he had already ordered a huge IFB oven for me from amazon on that it was already on its way to home).

Chapati basket , oven gloves and black slate with chalks were waiting hidden below my bed by my husband.The next gift which was waiting for me was a soft fluffy bath robe from Bombay dyeing, he showed me the place where he had hidden it ans told me that this was my last gift for this birthday..

He had planned gifts in every 2 hours. I thought of making paratha (he loves paratha) and pitla for dinner and when I got everything outside I saw a black board on our sofa few days , few months back I had told him that I wanted it and there it was with a “heart” drawn on it (did my heart just melt?!?!!!!!). So we had dinner , he loved the paratha and pitla 😀 yayy.



I went to my bedroom and found a “body shop” bag lying right beside our bed..I had really really believed him when he said that bath robe was the last gift for me this birthday


Just when I thought my birthday was coming to an end my friends showed up @ home in the night with the cake…such a lovely surprise it was 🙂
11th September, we got up and suddenly  door bell rang I opened and saw a man standing there waiting to deliver a huge IFB oven…It was the biggest surprise!! I was stuck for the moment, looking at the huge box of oven…Just cant wait to start baking !!
We went to our favorite Sunnys Da Dhaba (Lonavala) for lunch…Rangoli paneer kabab was amazing
Beautiful Lonavala…with my lovely Husband..!
and we got this lovely spice rack from Lonavala…isn’t it beautiful?!

What a memorable birthday it was…its Monday again…but I still cant stop thinking about my birthday weekend…

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  1. poonamdutta says:

    Beautifully written Meera … God bless… May u have all ur bdays celebrated in the same way .. . Always special and with lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

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