My mother’s famous Chundo

Coming from a Gujarati family I have had Chundo since childhood. I remember every year in summer mummy used to make at least a bottle of it. When I moved to hostel she used to give me a bottle packed of this Chondo. We typically have it with Theplas, it tastes tooo good with it….

Authentic Rajasthani Bajra Bati

I love to read about food history… especially Indian food history. So recently I came to know that traditionally..Daal Batis are are made very differently than what we get to eat in restaurants. Baatis are made of Bajra flour and Daal is made out of Toor daal only. Batis are traditionally baked over coals in…

Burnt garlic broken wheat porridge

My cousin recently invited us for dinner and she gave me this amazing healthy and tasty recipe of Dalia. I made it last night & my husband loved it. He didn’t realise it was Dalia at all and the taste of garlic was superb. INGREDIENTS Oil – 2 tablespoon Jeera Ginger, chilly, lasun paste Salt…

A cake for your furry friend – Doggo cake

It was my dog’s (Bob) and his bestfriend ( Shadow) 2nd birthday on 1st of Jan and me and my husband decided to plan a birthday paw-ty this time for both of them. Bob and Shadow play every evening together for 1 hour and she always keep an eye on Bob from her balcony above…

Raw Papaya Poriyal

Try out this raw papaya salad which is full of nutrients and delicious in taste

Soya keema Samosa

Looking for a healthy option for your samosa filling? Try out this soya keema samosa I’m sure you will love it. INGREDIENTS Soya chunks – 1 cup Boiled potatoes – 1 Onions – 1 chopped Green chilly – 3 chopped Capsicum – 1 chopped Oil – 2 tablespoons Cumin – 1 tsp Mustard seeds –…

Crispy Sabudana Vada

Sabudana vada, also called ‘sago vada’, is a traditional deep fried snack from Maharashtra, India.