Schezwan cheese paratha

Me and my husband both are a big fan of Chinese food. So today morning I thought of making something Indian but with a flavor of Chinese in it and I got this idea. It turned out very tasty. Try and let me know how it goes for you. INGREDIENTS 1 big capsicum finely chopped…

Brittle chocolate chikki

Lonavala like chocolate chikki

Bengan Bharta / Roasted eggplant curry

Baingan Bharta – smoky and spicy mashed eggplant – is one of my favorite Indian style eggplant recipe.This spicy mashed eggplant recipe or baigan bharta as we call in India is great for weeknight dinner or an elaborate lunch paired with roti or bhakri.

Instant one pot biryani in cooker?!

Instant Pot biryani is a one-pot biryani in your pressure cooker that tastes so authentic, you won’t believe you made this in one step!

Gobi 65

Crispy restaurant style gobi (cauliflower) 65 is ideal as a starter or side dish.

Nankhatai / Indian Eggless buttery biscuits

Nankhatai is a traditional Indian Biscuits with the flavour of cardamom. Cruncy and fluffy biscuits are the most yummiest biscuits ever. Nankhatai are shortbread biscuits popular in India and Pakistan. The word Nankhatai is derived from Persian word Naan meaning bread and Khatai from an Afghan word meaning Biscuit INGREDIENTS All purpose flour – 1…

Pizza Style Aloo Paratha

Want to make something yummy but dont have anything except potatoes at home? You can try out this yummy flavourful aloo parathas with common spices easily available at home. INGREDIENTS Boiled aloo / Potatoes – 4 Aamchur powder – 2 tsp Salt as per taste Turmeric powder – 1 tsp Red chilly powder –…

Creamy Pink Sauce Pasta

INGREDIENTS Tomatoes – 5 Garlic – 4 cloves Chilly Flakes – 2 tsp Salt as per taste Black Olives – 5 to 7 Oregano – 1 tblspn Pepper as per taste oil – 1 tsp cream – 2 tsp Boiled farfalle pasta as per instructions Click here to watch it on my youtube channel #pasta…

Chinese Munchurian Dry

Try out this yummy crisy starter I’m sure you will love it. INGREDIENTS Carrot and Cabbage grated – 2 cups Capsicum finely chupped – 2 tsp Green chilly chopped – 1 Pepper as per taste Salt as per taste Maida / all purpose Flour – 2 tblspn Corn flour – 1 tblspn Click here to…

Instant Rava Dosa

when you want to have dosa and you dont have the batter…u sti have the option of trying this instant recipe