Andhra Style Rasam

Recently my sister-in-law and Jiju visited us in Pune and that was the time I learnt how to make Rasam & since then I’m a big Rasam fan. I would prefer Rasam over Sambhar any day. My husband is from Andhra and he loooves Andhra food. We have hot rasam with plain rice and adrak…

Dal Rasam

Spicy hot Rasam flavoured with Tomatoes and Indian spices.

Hyderabadi style crunchy groundnuts and zingy Lemon Rice.

Simple and sunny, but a spoonful will have the complexity of flavours hit you one by one. The spicy bite of green chillies, the crunch of earthy groudnuts and the zingy lemon juice running through the golden-yellow grains of rice takes this dish to a whole other level.

Crispy Sabudana Vada

Sabudana vada, also called ‘sago vada’, is a traditional deep fried snack from Maharashtra, India.

Kopra Paak / Coconut barfi

My favourite sweet dish…quick to make ¬†yet yummy to eat…awesome fix for sweet cravings. INGREDIENTS Powdered Sugar – 1 cup Desicated coconut – 500 grams Condensed Milk – 1 cup Charoli – 1 tblspn Elaichi powder – 2 tsp Ghee – 2 tsp INSTRUCTIONS Heat ghee in a pan add the desicated coconut and mix…